Dad's BBQ Bananas Print Email

Bananas with brown sugar, butter and rum, reminiscent of Banana’s Foster, Dad (Tony) used to make these in the dying coals when we were kids.

Peel bananas and lay on square sheet of heavy aluminum foil (or parchment lined foil). Split banana 3/4 thru lengthwise and part slightly.

Drizzle with fresh lemon or lime juice and sprinkle inside and out with cinnamon, nutmeg, dark rum, and brown sugar. Dot generously with butter and wrap well ‘drugstore style’ – bringing sides of foil together and crimping to seal juices in well. If using parchment (works best!) wrap in parchment first then foil.

After grilling your meal, place banana over low, indirect heat on a higher rack, ideally about 200-250 degrees. Cook until soft, turning once, about 10-20 minutes depending on conditions.

– Mick Rosacci, -