Grilled Lamb Rib Chops Print Email

Great as an entree, or as a first course alongside cheeses, rustic breads and wine.

2 racks of lamb, trimmed
2 TBS minced shallots
1 TBS chopped parsley
1-3 cloves fresh garlic, pressed
2 tsp Herbs de Provence
1/4 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp Kosher salt
olive oil

Have your butcher prepare the rib chops: Ask him/her to remove the cap and backbones, French cut the ribs, and then cut into single rib chops.

Combine shallots through salt to taste in a bowl, adding enough olive oil to form a thin paste. Rub generously over chops, wrap back in butcher’s paper and rest at room temperature for one hour.

Pre-heat grill on high, brush clean, mist or brush with oil and immediately place chops on oiled grate. Cook until dark grill marks develop (about 3 minutes), then flip and reduce heat to low – cooking chops to medium rare (about 4-8 minutes longer). Remove from heat, cover and rest for five minutes before serving as is, or with a sauce of your choice. – Chef Mick Rosacci, Tony’s Meats & Specialty Foods