Striped Bass in the Ritz Print Email

Boneless, skinless Striped Bass fillets
Sea salt and white pepper
Ritz or Croissant Crackers
Olive Oil, butter, or both

Season lightly with salt and pepper, mist with oil and pack in cracker crumbs. Place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper sprayed or brushed with oil or butter. Mist or drizzle with olive oil or melted butter.

Roast in the top of a preheated 475-degree oven for approximately 5-7 minutes , finishing under the broiler if more browning is desired. Remove when fish is slightly firm, rest a couple of minutes and serve.

– Chef Mick Rosacci, Tony’s Meats & Specialty Foods.

Chef's Note: The crackers you choose make all the difference. Crisper crackers, such as Ritz or Croissant crackers, produce a light and crispy breading, while flavored crackers such as parmesan or cheddar ‘Goldfish’ can also be nice.

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