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Hake with Butter, Lemon and Parsley Print Email

1/3 cup Flour
1/4 tsp Fresh ground pepper
1 1/2 lb Hake fillet
6 TBS Butter
1 TBS Oil
2 TBS Lemon juice
1 1/2 TBS Minced parsley

Preheat oven to 225 degrees. Put in an ovenproof platter. Combine the flour and pepper, spread it on wax paper, and drag each of the fillets through it so they are well coated. Shake off excess flour.

In a large skillet, heat 3 tablespoon of the butter with the oil. Without crowding, put some of the fillets in the skillet and pan fry over medium heat until golden. Unless they are unusually thick, this should take 1-2 minutes on each side. Transfer to the warm platter and cook the rest of the fillets, adding the remaining butter as needed. When all the fish are cooked, turn the heat to high, stir in the lemon juice, and cook for a few seconds. Add the parsley, stir, and drizzle over the fillets. Season with sea salt as desired. – one serving
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