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Lamb Spiedini Ingredients: Half a pound of cubed lamb sirloin or boneless segment 1 rosemary sprig 4 black peppercorns, crushed 2 garlic cloves, crushed 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil 2 heavy wood skewers soaked in water (2 per spiedini) 1/2 pound mixed greens

Anchovy Salsa Ingredients: 4 anchovy fillets 1 scallion 1 clove of garlic, minced 1 bunch curly parsley 2 basil leaves cut with scissors or torn by hand into small pieces 1 tablespoon of vinegar (red wine vinegar preferred) 5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil Pepperoncino, to taste Sea salt, to taste Black pepper, to taste

Instructions: 1. Take the pre-soaked skewers and thread 4 oz each (one-half) of the lamb sirloin 2. Brush with a generous amount of the olive oil 3. Place in a dish for marinating 4. Pour the remainder of the olive oil into the dish 5. Strip the rosemary leaves from the stem and sprinkle over the skewers 6. Sprinkle the crushed pepper over the lamb 7. Place the crushed/smashed garlic pieces on top and under the skewers 8. Cover and refrigerate 9. Marinade overnight for up to 24 hours in advance 10. Turn the skewers in the marinade at least 3-4 times

To prepare the Anchovy Salsa: 1. Take the anchovy fillets and chop roughly on a cutting board. Place in a bowl 2. Add minced garlic 3. Take the leaves only (stems removed) of curly parsley and add 4. Add the vinegar 5. Season with the sea salt and pepper to your taste 6. Add the olive oil and whisk 7. Mince the entire scallion 8. When ready to serve, add the scallion and basil

To assemble: 1. Pre-heat your broiler or grill (charcoal fire is ideal) 2. Remove the skewers from the marinade and season with plenty of sea salt and pepper on all sides 3. Make sure your broiler pan surface or grill is extremely hot 4. Place the lamb skewers on the broiler or grill and sear on all sides turning and browning constantly 5. Cook the skewers to desired temperature
7-8 minutes medium rare
8-12 medium or pink
12-18 well done 6. Place the mixed greens on a platter or an individual plate 7. Place the grilled skewers over the salad 8. Spoon the anchovy salsa over the skewers and mixed greens 9. Serve immediately with your favorite mustard to accompany and a light to full-bodied red wine

- Chef Christopher Daly, Aroma, NY, NY