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Bison Back Ribs with Jack Daniels Glaze Print Email

Thanks Sam, for all the flavor you added to our lives! – WAAAAHHHH!

Soak ribs in salted water (1 part kosher salt to 4-5 parts water) for 45-60 minutes. Place ribs in a roasting pan, add fresh water to 1 inch deep and cover. Roast at 325 degrees to desired level of tenderness, about 90 minutes. Increase oven temperature to 375°.

Transfer ribs to a flat roasting pan and place in the top of oven. When the ribs are sizzling; remove, brush all over with Jack Daniels glaze, and return to oven. Repeat glazing as desired, or transfer to grill for glazing.

Jack Daniels Bison Glaze

1 cup Jack Daniels
1 cup molasses
2 TBS of Cross & Blackwell steak sauce
6 oz. can orange juice concentrate

Use as a grilling glaze for bison steaks, ribs and burgers. - Sam Arnold, The Fort Restaurant
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