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This is quick and simple fisherman’s dish was originally made with whole sides of fish – it’s great with salmon, cod, halibut, haddock, mahimahi, or sablefish. It’s hard to believe something so simple and delicious could be so healthy! Great with Ginjo Sake, Riesling,

Sauvignon Blanc, or a Sparkling wine.

Two, 6-8 oz salmon fillets or steaks (scaled or skinned)
¼ cup miso, light or dark
2 TBS Mirin (sweetened Japanese vinegar)
2 TBS Sake
pinch sugar
1 tsp soy sauce (shoyu)
1.5 cups chopped cabbage
½ small onion, slivered
¾ cup carrot, cut into matchsticks
Combine miso, mirin, sake, soy sauce and pinches of sugar – stirring well to form a thin paste. Set aside.

Cut cabbage into strips about 1x2 inch, sliver onions thinly, and cut carrots into matchsticks, or strips – toss and separate onto the center of two sheets of aluminum foil
(about 12 inch square).

Lay salmon on top of veggies and drizzle miso medley over the top.

Close drug-store style, and place in a 325-350 degree oven until veggies are crisp/tender to tender. Also great on an indirect grill.

Serve with rice and more veggies of your choice.

- Chef Michaelangelo (mick) Rosacci


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