Musso’s Summer Salad Sandwiches Print Email

1 part Musso’s pickling (Kirby) cucumbers
1 part Musso’s Vidalia-seed Onion
1 part Musso’s tomatoes
1 part Buon Gusto Salami
1 part Provolone or Asiago cheese
Musso's Fresh Basil leaves, torn or shredded
Pinches of Chef Mick's Tuscan Grill Rub, or sea salt flakes and cracked black pepper - to taste
Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Red Wine or Sherry Vinegar - to taste
Fresh Baguettes

Slice pickles into coins or thin fingers (peel/partially peel if desired), slice onion into thin slivers and cut tomatoes into slices and quarter each slice. Slice salami and cheese thickly, and then cut into thin strips. Place in a large bowl with a generous amount of fresh basil, season to taste with Tuscan Grill Rub, or salt and pepper, and then drizzle with olive oil and vinegar.

For mini sandwiches, cut baguettes into slices - for a meal-sized sandwich, split and cut into quarters or thirds. Fill bread slices with salad, top with second piece of bread and serve - Carl Musso and Mick Rosacci, --