Huevos Rancheros Print Email

1 cup Tony’s Chicken or Pork Green Chili
2 fresh eggs, room temperature
one corn tortilla
canola oil
rice and refried beans (optional)
cheese of your choice
shredded lettuce and chopped tomato
cantaloupe wedge

Heat chile in a pan or microwave. In a skillet, fry two eggs over medium heat to sunny side up. Remove from skillet, refresh oil if needed and warm corn tortilla (or fry to crisp and drain).

Pour chili onto the center of a plate, top with tortilla, and top tortilla with fried eggs. Plate beans and rice on the side, if using. Sprinkle with cheese and melt under a broiler.

Serve with fresh shredded lettuce, tomato and a cantaloupe wedge on the side. – Chef Michaelangelo (mick) Rosacci, --