Catfish Fingers Print Email

Bet you can’t eat just one! A great dish to get kids started on seafood!

2 American farm-raised catfish fillets
all purpose flour
1 beaten egg
panko breadcrumbs
seasoning blend of your choice, to taste
Picual olive oil for frying
Sauce of your choice: catsup, honey mustard, tartar sauce, etc.
shredded cabbage & lemon wedge

Cut fillets into fingers and dust in flour. Beat egg or egg white well. Season Panko breadcrumbs to taste with your favorite seasoning blend.

Dip catfish fingers in well-beaten egg, draining off excess, and then coat well in seasoned panko breadcrumbs and place on waxed paper – refrigerate until time to cook.

Heat a heavy stick free skillet to 360 degrees and add oil, obviously the more oil you use the nicer the fingers will fry – however, with a good stick free pan, you can get excellent results with a just a little oil.

Serve on top of a mound of finely shredded cabbage, with lemon wedges, and a sauce of your choice. – Chef Michaelangelo (mick) Rosacci, --