2 Meatball Italian Spiedini Print Email

1 pound Italian sausage; hot, mild, or a combination
1/2 well-beaten egg, scant
Italian breadcrumbs as needed
1/2 batch Italian Meatballs – recipe follows
onion, red and green bell pepper
Italian Arrabiata and/or Vodka Sauce

Remove sausage from casings, blend with egg and 1/2 to 3/4 cup Italian breadcrumbs to achieve a meatball texture, mix well, but don’t over mix. Shape into 1-2 bite meatballs, preferably using a small scoop so they are tightly packed. Prepare meatball recipe and shape into tight meatballs of the same size.

Soak wooden skewers in water. Cut peppers and onion into 1-bite pieces. Make short skewers of one to three meatballs of varying types separated by colorful bits of pepper and onion. Can be refrigerated at this point for later cooking.

Mist with oil and roast 1 inch apart in a 375-degree oven until they are just done, rotating as needed. These kabobs can also be broiled, or grilled.

Meanwhile, heat one or both sauces and place on serving platter (a nice third sauce would be Balsamico di Modena – serve as a dip or drizzle at room temperature). Display spiedini with sauces, along with olives, cheeses, veggies and rustic breads. – Chef Michaelangelo (mick) Rosacci, www.TonysMarket.com -- www.TonyRosacciCatering.com

* Italian Cocktail Meatballs

12 oz ground veal
12 oz ground beef
12 oz Italian sausage
1 egg, beaten
3/4 tsp seasoned salt
1 TBS dry Italian herb medley
1 to 1.5 cups breadcrumbs
olive oil
pasta sauce

Place ground meats in a bowl, top with egg and sprinkle with seasonings, mix together to blend. Add 1 to 1.5 cups breadcrumbs (enough to take away the stickiness) and blend in by hand – do not over mix. Shape into small, one-big-bite meatballs. – Chef Michaelangelo (mick) Rosacci, Tony’s Meats & Specialty Foods, www.TonysMarket.com