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When roasting vegetables, it is most convenient to choose vegetables of similar firmness and cut them into one to two-bite chunks – for instance: carrots, potatoes, hard squash and sweet potatoes will have a similar cooking time – as would softer veggies such as zucchini, bell peppers, onion slices, cauliflower and mushrooms.

If you’d like to combine firm and soft vegetables, simply give the firm vegetables a head start, or cut them smaller. Choose the widest variety of colors for the healthiest and most appealing dish.

Vegetable medley of your choice
Garlic, Shallots, ginger; minced or crushed
seasoning blend of your choice
Olive oil as needed

Preheat oven to 375-400 degrees. Cut veggies in one or two-bite chunks. Toss vegetables of similar cooking time in a large roasting pan with low sides or sheet pan and add any combination of garlic, shallots and ginger to taste. Sprinkle with seasoning blend of your choice (one of Tony’s packaged seasonings, or sea salt flakes, ground pepper and mixed herbs). Drizzle generously with olive and toss with your hands to coat vegetables evenly.

Do not crowd pan – the veggies need room to brown. Roast in the top half of a preheated oven, uncovered, until tender – turning pan and tossing at least once. Soft veggies cook in about 20 minutes, and harder veggies, about 45 minutes. – Chef Mick Rosacci