Stuffed Rocky Mountain Lamb Lollipops Print Email

1 local, high-grade Lamb rib rack, cut into 7 equal rib chops
2-3 TBS Stilton with Fruit, Stilton, Roquefort or Gorgonzola cheese
panko breadcrumbs, as needed
Tony’s Lamb & Bison Rub, Euro-Crust, Tuscan Grill, Z Blend or Lemon Pepper
Sauces: Lingonberry preserves, fruit chutney, mint jelly, spicy and/or savory jam
Garnish: Fresh mint or parsley

Have your butcher trim and cut a lamb rack into chops and then cut large pockets with a small opening (about the size of your finger) into the chops. Wrap the long bone of each chop in aluminum foil to protect from charring.

Cut or fashion lumps of bleu cheese about 1 tsp each, roll and pack generously in panko crumbs and stuff into the lamb chops – fill but don’t pack the pockets, using plenty of breadcrumbs (which will hold the cheese in place). Sprinkle with one of the suggested seasonings, cover and refrigerate stuffed chops for at least 2 hours before cooking.

Preheat oven or grill to 425° and cook as desired (or sear in a grill pan and move to oven), rare to med-rare is suggested. Rest 3-5 minutes.

Remove foil covers and display on an attractive plate with one or more of the suggested sauces and a mint or parsley sprig garnish. Appetizer for 7

– Chef Michaelangelo Rosacci, -