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Duck Breast with Pomegranate Sauce & Squash Print Email


Olive oil 6 TBS
Sugar 3/4 C, plus 2 C
Duck breast 18 each
Water 1/2 C
Veal stock 4 C
Condensed pomegranate syrup 1 C

Place oil and 3/4 cup sugar in a sauté pan. Place duck breasts skin-side down on sugar. Sauté until skin is golden and crunchy. Flip breasts to skin-side up and place in a 350-degree F oven for 10 to 15 minutes, depending upon desired doneness. Reserve.

Combine remaining sugar and water. Pay close attention as you caramelize mixture until light golden. Carefully add veal stock; whisk well.

Add pomegranate syrup, simmer to reduce and concentrate flavors or add a roux or cornstarch to thicken.

Slice duck breast on diagonal and fan over a pool of pomegranate sauce. Serve with butternut squash cut into 1-inch cubes, blanched, sautéed in butter and sugar, and seasoned with salt and pepper. - Chef Faz Poursohi, Faz Restaurants & Catering - Pleasanton, Calif., USA

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