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Roast Leg of Lamb w/ Blackberry Port Jus

1 boneless leg of lamb (or beef roast*)
3-6 cloves fresh garlic
Olive Oil
Sea salt, pepper, dry herb medley

1 large shallot or small onion, finely diced
1 pint fresh blackberries
2 cups port wine
1 TBS sugar (or more to taste)
2 cups low sodium beef stock
1 TBs butter

Crush or press garlic and add olive oil to make a paste. Spread over leg of lamb and season to taste with sea salt, freshly ground pepper and mixed herbs. Place on a rack and roast uncovered at 350 degrees to an internal temperature of 130-150 degrees, approximately 90 + minutes. Place on a cutting board and cover with a clean towel. Allow 10 minutes to rest before carving.

In a saucepan bring diced shallots, 1/2 pint blackberries, wine and sugar to a boil, reducing to 1/2 cup. Boil stock in a separate pan to reduce to taste, to approximately 1 cup. Strain blackberry and port wine reduction into reduced beef stock. Taste and adjust as needed. Remove from heat and whisk in 1 Tbsp. softened butter and serve with sauce and remaining blackberries.

*For a creamy sauce, omit butter and whisk in approximately 1/4 cup sour cream to taste.