Veal Patties w/ Capers Print Email

Polpettine Di Vittello Ai Capperi

1/2 pound ground veal
1/4 tsp. very, very finely chopped garlic
1 TBS Chopped capers
1 TBS Chopped Italian Parsley
Black pepper freshly ground
1 egg
Fine, dry, unflavored bread crumbs, at least one cup, spread on a plate
Vegetable oil, enough to come at least 1 inch up the sides of a pan

1) Combine the veal, garlic, capers, parsley, salt and pepper in a bowl and mix thoroughly with a fork, distributing all the ingredients uniformly.
2) Shape the mixture in your hands into round patties about 3 to 4 inches in diameter and 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick. Work the mixture firmly but gently, without squeezing.
3) Break the egg into a shallow plate and beat it lightly with a fork.
4) Dip one of the patties in the beaten egg, lift it to let all the excess egg flow back into the plate, then turn it in the breadcrumbs. While it is lying in the breadcrumbs, press it down firmly with the palm of your hand, then turn it over and press the other side. Place the breaded patty on a platter and do another one, proceeding thus until they are all done.
5) Heat up the oil in a skillet. When the oil is hot enough to sizzle if tested with the edge of a patty dipped into it, slip in, using a spatula, as many patties as will fit loosely. As soon as the underside has formed a golden crust, turn the patties and brown the other side; then transfer them, using a slotted spatula to the wire rack. If not all the patties do not fit into the pan at one time, as you remove one or two, replace them with those that have been left out.