Marinated Green Bean Salad Print Email

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1 pound garden-fresh green beans
3 quarts salted water
1 fresh red bell pepper, or 3/4 cup roasted red pepper
1/4 cup slivered onions; red, yellow, white or spring
1/2 tsp (or so) of salt
2 TBS (or so) vinegar
Prepared Vinaigrette, to taste
Fresh lemon and/or orange zest – optional garnish

Cut the ends off the green beans and split lengthwise with a knife – cutting them along the centerline. French-cutting the beans is worth the effort, or they can be used whole. Cook in boiling salted water until crisp/tender – taste to know when they are done – cooking times vary. Chill quickly by shocking in ice water.

Meanwhile, slice the bell pepper strips and blanch for 30-60 seconds in boiling salted water. Shock to chill. Prepared roasted red peppers can also be used.

Sliver the onions thinly, transfer to 2 cups cold water with pinches of salt and vinegar – soak for several minutes to take their strong smell away.

Toss all the veggies in a bowl with just enough dressing to coat – chill for several minutes or several hours in the refrigerator.

Transfer to a serving platter, garnish with citrus zest and serve as an appetizer, side dish or over fresh greens as a salad. – Chef Mick Rosacci, --