Sweet Rice Dessert with Raisins, Ginger, Nuts and Honey Print Email

3-4 servings
250 ml/ 1 cup fine grained rice, not parboiled
1-2 TBS sugar
100 ml/0,42 cup raisins
a piece of fresh ginger
50-75 g/1,7-2,6 oz nuts, I recommend soft nuts like walnuts or pine nuts.
3-5 TBS runny honey
rum, very optional

If you want to soak the raisins in rum, this is the time to do it.

Cook the rice in water with sugar. Let it cool down.

Chop ginger, raisins and nuts finely and add the honey.

Add the rice mix very well and put it in the fridge to get cold.

Serve with a drizzle of honey. Gluten Free

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