Original Buffalo Wings Print Email

Canola oil, for frying
2 lbs. chicken wings, separated into 2 pieces
8 TBS unsalted butter
1 12-oz. bottle Frank's RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce
Carrots and celery, cut into 3" sticks, for serving
Blue cheese dip, for serving

Heat oven to 200 degrees. Pour oil into a 6-qt. Dutch oven to a depth of 2" and heat over medium-high heat until a deep-fry thermometer registers 400 degrees. Working in two batches, add chicken wings to oil and cook, stirring occasionally, until golden brown and crisp, 10–12 minutes. Using a slotted spoon, transfer wings to a wire rack set over a rimmed baking sheet and transfer to oven.

Meanwhile, put butter and hot sauce into a medium heat-proof bowl. Set bowl over a pot of boiling water until butter is melted and sauce is hot, whisking to combine. Transfer chicken wings to the bowl and toss to combine. Serve with carrots, celery, and blue cheese dip.

Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York SERVES 2–4