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To make this dish the traditional way, toss together the cheese, eggs, pepper, and pork in a bowl to create a thick sauce.

4 TBS extra-virgin olive oil
4 oz. thinly sliced pancetta or guanciale, cut into 1/2" pieces
2 tsp. freshly cracked black pepper, plus more to taste
1 3/4 cups finely grated Parmesan
1 egg plus 3 yolks
Kosher salt, to taste
1 lb. spaghetti

Heat oil in a 10" skillet over medium heat. Add pancetta and cook, stirring occasionally, until lightly browned, 6–8 minutes. Add pepper and cook, stirring occasionally, until fragrant, 2 minutes more. Transfer pancetta mixture to a large bowl and let cool slightly; stir in 1 1/2 cups Parmesan and egg and yolks and stir to combine; set aside.

Meanwhile, bring a 6-qt. pot of salted water to a boil. Add pasta; cook until al dente, 8–10 minutes. Reserve 3/4 cup water; drain pasta and transfer it to pancetta mixture. Toss, adding pasta water a little at a time to make a creamy sauce. Season with salt and pepper; serve with remaining Parmesan.

SERVES 4, adapted from Saveur Issue #128