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Oven braising followed by glazing on the grill is a sure-fire recipe for great ribs every time!

3 pounds pork Baby Back, Country Style or Spareribs
Claude’s Brisket Marinade
1 bags Tony’s Smoky BBQ Rub - Southern, Kansas City Hickory or Texas Mesquite*
Tony’s BBQ Sauce - Sweet & Sassy, Bold & Smoky or Hot & Spicy

1 day or minutes before serving, brush ribs generously with Claude’s Brisket Marinade - refrigerate until ready to cook (marinating for one day adds more smoky flavor - optional but a nice touch).

Place ribs bone-side down in a roasting pan. Add 1-2 cups water (beer or ginger ale can also be used) and cover pan well (using a lid, foil, or parchment and foil) and place in a 300-350 degree oven. Roast for 60 minutes and start testing ribs for tenderness by tugging on a bone. Conditions and tastes vary - but this should take between 1-2 hours. Remove from oven when they are as tender as you like. The ribs can be refrigerated at this point for later grill finishing.

Preheat a low to medium indirect grill (200-300 degrees air temperature), preferably with chunk charcoal or wood chips to add a nice smoky flavor. Wood chips can be soaked in water and added to coals, or placed in a chip tray or perforated tin can directly on gas flame.

Brush ribs with juices from the pan to moisten well and cover heavily in your chosen BBQ Rub - the more rub, the better the taste and glazed finish.

Indirect grill ribs (not directly over the fire - can also be roasted at 350°) until glazed and browned to taste - conditions vary, usually 30-60 minutes. Ribs can be served at this point with sauce for dipping, or brushed with sauce and cooked until glazed. Serves 1-3 - Chef Mick (Michaelangelo) Rosacci, --

* Chef Notes: The Southern rub is sweet with a nice hickory flavor. The Kansas City and Texas Mesquite Rubs are smokier and less sweet.

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