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Crepes - homemade, or store-bought
1 pint Whipping Cream
2 ounce Belgian Milk Chocolate - to taste
1-2 pints berries

To make crepes:
Beat 2 eggs, add 1 Tbsp. oil, pinch salt, 1 tsp. sugar and 1.5 cups milk and whisk until well blended.  Add 1 cup flour and beat until smooth.  Rest while heating stick free crepe pan(s).  Ladle 1.5 to 2 oz of batter into hot tilted crepe pan and swirl to coat bottom with a thin layer.  Cook until edges are browned, turning with fork and cooking on second side until set, about 15 seconds.  Repeat with remaining crepes.  Cool and stack until ready to use.

Whip cream, adding sugar if desired to taste.  Melt chocolate over very low heat and fold into cream to taste.  Whip again if needed.  Fill crepes with chocolate mousse and berries, roll and serve.