Basic Chicken Soup Print Email

1 medium fryer, Cut-Up
10 cups COLD Water
2 stalks celery w/leaves
1 onion, quartered
5 black peppercorns
6 sprigs parsley
salt & pepper to taste
1 cup uncooked pasta
2 Eggs
1 lemon, juice only
parsley, chopped
carrot, slivered with zester or mandolin

Put the cut-up chicken into a stockpot (or other large, heavy pot). Cover with COLD water. Cut the celery into pieces and add to the pot along with the onion, peppercorns and parsley sprigs. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and skim the foam which has accumulated from the top. Half cover the pot and simmer for 90 minutes. Cool slightly.

Remove the chicken and strain the broth. Add salt and pepper to taste. Remove the chicken meat from the bones and chop. Add as much of the chopped chicken to the broth as you wish. Set the remaining chicken aside for other uses of your choice.

Stir in the pasta and simmer for 15 minutes. Beat the eggs with the lemon juice. Add a little of the hot soup and stir. Pour the egg mixture into the stockpot. Mix well and heat.

Serve garnished with chopped parsley and slivered carrot.