Mom’s Beef Stew with Red Wine Print Email

A hearty beef stew with herbs, red wine and orange zest - amazing with rice or mashed potatoes!

3 pounds Beef Chuck or stew meat
flour, seasoned with salt and pepper
4 TBS Olive Oil, separated
2 cups Mirepoix (minced carrots, celery and onion)
3-4 cloves garlic, minced
4 TBS fresh parsley, minced
1/4 bottle red wine (preferably California Zinfandel*)
6 cups low salt beef stock or broth
Herb Bundle (several sprigs of fresh thyme, bay, rosemary and parsley with the zest strips from one orange; tied together)
3 lbs. chunked vegetables (carrots, potatoes**, sweet potatoes onions, celery, etc.)

Cut chuck roast into stewing cubes about 1 inch square. Roll cubes in flour seasoned with salt and pepper, and brown in small batches in a Dutch oven over medium high heat, refreshing oil as needed. Take care not to let the pan burn. Remove and reserve. (Note, cooking in small batches will allow the meats to brown nicely).

Refresh pan with oil, add Mirepoix, minced garlic and parsley, and sauté until waters release and veggies begin to brown. Splash pan with red wine and deglaze (scrape pan with wooden spoon to dissolve and release brown glaze), then add back browned beef, along with stock and remaining wine and a generous bouquet garni. Cover and simmer slowly, or transfer to 325-degree oven, for about two hours.

Add chunked vegetables, bring to a boil and skim well. Reduce heat, taste and adjust seasonings, cover and return to a low simmer, or a 300-degree oven, until veggies are done to your liking, 1-2 hours. Taste and adjust with seasonings and stock or water if needed.

To thicken: If desired, whisk 1/4-cup flour with cold water or wine to form a slurry. Slowly temper slurry into stew and simmer for at least 10 minutes before serving. Excellent made ahead, even better the second day. – Chef Mick (Michaelangelo) Rosacci, --

*Note: Also great with Madeira, Marsala, or Port.

**Note: If serving with mashed potatoes, do not use regular potatoes.