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A simple salmon spread or dip that is easily adjusted to taste.

1 package cream cheese (12 oz)
1 tsp. horseradish, or to taste
pinch cayenne
squeeze of lemon
2-3 green onions, minced
1/2 pound (approx.) smoked salmon
Garnish: coarsely ground pepper medley, lemon zest, scallion

Add puff pastry squares and beaten egg

Combine cream cheese, horseradish, cayenne, lemon juice and green onions and whisk with a fork to make it creamy and soft – taste and adjust as desired.

Crumble salmon and gently fold into the seasoned cream cheese - take care not to over-mix so the salmon stays a little chunky. Transfer to a serving bowl and garnich with cracked pepper, lemon zest and minced green onion. Cover and refrigerate, removing one hour before party time.

To Make Salmon Puffs: Use lemon zest to taste rather than the lemon juice and substitute coarse black pepper with a goodly pinch of finely ground white pepper. Stir everything except the salmon into the cream cheese mixture. blending vigorously to lighten. Gently fold in salmon (do not over-mix).

Spoon cold spread into 2”x 2” puff pastry squares. Fold into triangles (or shape of your choosing) and seal by wetting edges and pinching shut. Cover and refrigerate until ready to cook. Brush with beaten egg and bake in pre-heated 375 to 425 degree oven (preferably convection) until golden brown. – Chef Michaelangelo (mick) Rosacci,

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