Smoked Honey Glazed Chicken Print Email

1 fresh frying chicken, about 3 lbs
Mick’s Party Powder*

Build a smoky indirect fire… Light a fire with a combination of hickory or mesquite logs and charcoal.* Once coals are ready, move to one side of your grill, or spread in a circle around the outside of your Weber kettle style grill. Place a disposable pie tin or handmade foil pan underneath where you plan to cook chicken and replace cooking grate.

Rinse chicken and pat dry. Sprinkle inside and out with party powder. Place on cooking grate on the opposite side of the fire, or in the middle of your ring of fire. If you have a small grill and your coals are close to your drip pan, you may need to add water to keep your drip pan from flaring up!

Cook slowly over indirect smoky fire, adding more briquettes as needed and sprinkling with soaked wood chips if more smoke flavor is desired. Cook to 185 degrees in the thigh (usually about 60-90 minutes). Take care not to let the fire get too hot or too close to the chicken or drip pan to avoid flare-ups. More attention must be paid to small grills.

*If hardwood logs are not available soak 4 cups of woodchips in water, sprinkling a handful over the hot coals every 15 minutes. For gas grills, soak 4 cups of wood chips and prepare foil packets as directed above for Gas Grill Smoking.