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8 oz ahi tuna ‘sushi log’, or a thick sushi steak
Prepared Miso or Sesame Soy Vinaigrette (available at Tony’s)
1 TBS freshly grated ginger
˝ cup white sesame seeds
1-2 TBS black sesame
pinches of crushed red pepper
pinches of white pepper
pinch of fine sea salt
pinch of sugar
canola, coconut or peanut oil as needed
˝ head butter / Bibb lettuce
˝ Cucumber, thin half coins
1 cup finely shredded cabbage (pref Napa)
2 Carrots, cut into match sticks
4-6 green onions, cut on bias
garnish: chow mien noodles, Toasted sesame seeds

Marinate tuna in soy dressing for 1-4 hours. Combine sesame seeds with pepper, salt and sugar and scatter on a plate. Rub tuna with ginger and roll gently in sesame seed medley. Keep refrigerated until ready to cook

Preheat a large heavy skillet (preferably stick free or cast iron) over medium high heat and when sizzling hot, swirl with oil, add seasoned fish and sear attentively, browning and turning quickly to get a nice sear without overcooking the fish. Remove from heat at rare to medium rare, cover and rest for 5 minutes before slicing.

Toss lettuce with cucumber, cabbage, carrots, onions and salad dressing and separate onto three plates.

Shingle sliced ahi over salad and garnish with chow mien noodles and sesame seeds.

–Chef Mick (Michaelangelo) Rosacci,

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