Crab Louis Print Email

Iceberg lettuce
8-10 oz cooked crabmeat, or small shrimp
1 medium tomato, cut in wedges
1 hard boiled egg, cut in wedges
black olives

Louis Dressing:
1/4 C mayonnaise
1/4 C sour cream
2 TBS tomato based chili sauce
1/2 TBS fresh lemon juice
a few drops hot pepper sauce
1/8 C finely diced green pepper
1/8 C finely sliced green onions

Rinse, core and drain lettuce. Use 1-2 large attractive lettuce leafs to form a lettuce cup on each of two plates. Shred remaining lettuce to make 3 cups. (Refrigerate any remaining lettuce for another use.) Place shredded lettuce on lettuce cups. Arrange crabmeat evenly over lettuce. Garnish each plate with tomato wedges, egg wedges, capers and olives. Can be made earlier in the day.

Just before serving, spoon about half the dressing over the crabmeat. Serve remaining dressing on the side. Serves 2