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TODAY'S SPECIALS: Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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START: Thursday, July 24 - END: Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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Fresh & Natural
Country Style Ribs -
$1 off/LB

Unlike other markets, we only use Pork Prime Rib cuts with the baby backbone – meaty, juicy, and delicious. A great buy!

Sale Price: $2.98/lb, Reg: $3.98/lb

Cooking Tips
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Carolina Country Style Ribs Sweet & Spicy
Glazed Ribs

Tender Belly
Berkshire Porterhouse Chops - $2 off/LB

Artisan raised heritage pork just tastes different, it’s heartier and more like a steak! Try these thick cut Pork T-bones for a change of taste. Season, marinate or brine and grill to 145-155°.

Sale Price: $10.98/lb, Reg: $12.98/lb

Tony’s Own
Chicken Filet Mignon -
$2 off/LB

Fresh boneless and skinless chicken breast seasoned and wrapped in bacon for the grill. Cover and grill over medium heat or cedar plank grill.

Sale Price: $5.98/lb
Reg: $7.98/lb

Greek Turkey Sausage -
$1 off/LB

A lean and tasty sausage made with skinless all natural turkey, seasonings, feta and olives. Great on the grill! Try it on a roll paired with a Greek Salad for a deliciously healthy meal!

Sale Price: $4.98/lb, Reg: $5.98/lb

Shetland Island Salmon -
$3 off/LB

Sustainably raised in open ocean pens, they’re super fresh, heavily streaked with healthy fats, very mild and delicious.

Sale Price: $12.98/lb, Reg: $15.98/lb

Spicy Salmon Fillets w/ Fresh Herb Salsa Planked Salmon & Balsamic Vegetables

Wild USA
Frozen Mahi Mahi Steaks -
$4 off/LB

A lean and meaty fish for grilling and searing. Save with these fillets that are frozen at sea –at a fabulous family friendly price! Simply rest at room temperature 30 minutes before seasoning and grilling.

Sale Price: $10.98/lb
Reg: $14.98/lb

Sautéed Mahi w/ Sweet Corn Sauce Planked Mahi & Mango Salsa

Fresh Local
Colorado Striped Bass -
$1 off/LB

Beautiful fresh fillets of mild whitefish just hours from the water, raised in geothermal artesian ponds, fish just doesn’t get any fresher!

Sale Price: $17.98/lb
Reg: $18.98/lb

Nigiri Sushi & Sashimi Striped Bass Ceviche

Cocktail De Cameron -
$2 off/LB

Mexico’s shrimp cocktail (AKA Campechana), wild Gulf shrimp in a chunky tomato vegetable broth; makes a great light meal or appetizer with chips, guacamole and hot sauce.

Sale Price: $8.98/lb
Reg: $10.98/lb

Chipotle Lime Chicken Wrap - $1 off/LB

Grilled chipotle-lime chicken breast with our Southwestern Salad, Pepper Jack cheese, tomatoes and lettuce on a flavored tortilla wrap, ready to eat.

Sale Price: $5.99/lb, Reg: $6.99/lb

St. Stephen's Cheese -
$2 off/LB

An ultra-buttery, creamy, rich and incredibly satisfying triple cream from Stephenstown NY; similar to Brillat-Savarin, this world-class brie- like cheese is sure to turn heads! Try it with savory jams and Carr’s Wheat Crackers, rustic breads or ginger snaps.

Sale Price: $15.99/lb, Reg: $17.99/lb

Herb Roasted Chicken -
$1 off/LB

Fresh all natural chicken encrusted in a house blend of herbs and spices and roasted – serve cold, at room temperature or warm.

Sale Price: $6.99/lb, Reg: $7.99/lb

Carr Valley
Penta Creme - $1 off/LB

A revolutionary five crème blue master crafted to be the most decadent blue cheese in the world – from our dairy hero’s at Carr Valley Cheese!

Sale Price: $9.99/lb, Reg: $10.99/lb

Boar's Head
Bavarian Ham - $1 off/LB

A slow wood smoked ham in the great Old World tradition, great for salads, sandwiches and breakfast. Gluten free.

Sale Price: $8.59/lb, Reg: $9.59/lb

Boar's Head
Yellow or White American Cheese - $1 off/LB

A classic on sandwiches and burgers; it’s creamy, melts beautifully and tastes better than the rest! Gluten free, Feingold approved for food sensitive diets.

Sale Price: $5.99/lb, Reg: $6.99/lb

Fudge Brownies -
Buy 2, Get 1 Free

Moist homemade brownies with fudge icing, buy Two and get One Free! Makes a great dessert with coffee, milk or ice cream.

Sale Price: $1.64/ea
Reg: $2.49/ea

Cream Pie Slices - $1 off/EA

This week, we’re cutting Banana Cream, Coconut Cream and French Silk Pies into individual slices. Perfect for those of us who can’t decide!

Sale Price: $2.59/ea, Reg: $3.59/ea

All Fresh
Driscoll Berries - 2 for $5

California's finest berries are on sale, save on strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries - supplies may vary.

Sale Price: 2 for $5
Reg: $3.99-$4.99/pk

Classic Strawberry Shortcake & Sauce Grilled Fish w/ Blueberry Salsa Chocolate Raspberry Mousse

Vidalia Onions - $0.99/EA

One of the sweetest onions in the world, they make all your favorite dishes better!

Sale Price: $0.99, Reg: $1.59/ea

Mango Vidalia Salsa Sweet Corn and Vidalia
Onion Bisque

Musso's Sweet Corn

The sweetest of all Colorado corn, the Musso's of Pueblo hold 5 Blue Ribbons for the state's sweetest corn - get a taste!

Sale Price: 3 for $1.00
Reg: $0.50/ea

Grill Toasted Corn Burger w/ Grilled Colorado Salsa

Tony's Own
Large Signature Salad -
$3 off/LB

Fresh homemade salads big enough to serve 4-6 good eaters. Choose: Italian, Greek, Signature Cranberry Blue or Garden Salad.

Sale Price: $3.99/lb, Reg: $6.99/lb

Bing Energy Drinks -
$0.50 off/EA

Delicious Cherry, Blackberry or new Raz energy drinks with a boost from caffeine, taurine, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Guarana, and more - only 40 calories!

Sale Price: $1.99/ea, Reg: $2.49/ea

NEW! Maya Kaimal
Chick Pea Chips - $1 off/Bag

Loaded with protein, fiber and flavor! Choose: Lightly Salted, Seeded Multigrain or Sweet Chili – A healthier chip! GF, Kosher, Vegan, No GMO’s.

All three chips
Sale Price: $2.59/bag
Reg: $3.59/bag

California Olive Ranch Olive Oils - $2 OFF

Incredibly fresh oils from California; choose Arbequina, Miller’s Blend and Fresh Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oils. No GMO’s.

Sale Price: $12.99/ea, Reg: $14.99/ea

Skinny Pop - 2/$6.00

Natural and no cholesterol, trans fats, nuts, gluten, preservatives or GMO’s – a healthy low-fat, high fiber snack! Choose: Regular, Pepper, Cheddar or Sweet.

All Skinny Pop except mini
Sale Price: 2/$6.00
Reg: $3.99/ea

Jolly Llama Sorbet Pops -
$1 OFF

Delicious Strawberry, Mango or Raspberry sorbet squeeze-up pops, vitamin rich and only 100 calories - no GMO’s, Gluten or Dairy.

All flavors Sale Price: $4.59-$4.99/ea Reg: $5.59-$5.99/ea

Tate's Cookies - $1 OFF

A cookie lovers dream! Selection includes Regular or Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, White Chocolate Macadamia, Double Chocolate and two Gluten Free flavors.

Sale Price: $5.59/bag, Reg: $6.59/bag

Le Village Lemonade - $1 OFF

Delicious sparkling lemonade in French Berry, Pomegranate, Pink Lemonade and Blood Orange - incredibly refreshing!

Large 750 ml size only
Sale Price: $3.99/ea, Reg: $4.99/ea

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