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START: Thursday, Oct 23 - END: Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014


Stuffed Bell Peppers -
$1 off/LB

Bell peppers stuffed with meat loaf and ready for the oven. Especially great with Tony's Marinara Sauce.

Sale $5.98/LB (Reg. $6.98/LB)

Baron of Beef Roast -
$1 off/LB

Cook this roast to medium rare and slice thin.

Baron of Beef - classic roast beef

Sale $6.98/LB (Reg. $7.98/LB)

Teton Waters Grass Fed Beef Franks - $1 off/LB

100% grass-fed all beef franks made here locally in Denver, CO.

Sale $8.98/LB (Reg. $9.98/LB)

Boneless Leg of Lamb -
$1 off/LB

Rocky mountain lamb grown responsibly on the western slope of Colorado.

Grilled Greek Leg of Lamb

Sale $9.98/LB (Reg. $10.98/LB)

50 lb Family Pack

Frozen Mahi Mahi -
$2 off/LB

Mild fish...great for grilling.

Macadamia Nut Mahi Mahi

Sale $12.98/LB (Reg. $14.98/LB)

Honey Smoked Salmon Belly - $0.50 off/LB

High in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Smoked Salmon Dip or Puffs

Sale $12.48/LB (Reg. $12.98/LB)

Red Hook Ale Shrimp -
$1 off/LB

Frozen shrimp battered and ready to fry.

Sale $11.98/LB (Reg. $12.98/LB)

Seared Tuna Tataki -
$1 off/LB

Seared Grade 1 Ahi Tuna sliced thin and served with wasabi teriyaki and pickled ginger.

Sale $24.98/LB (Reg. $25.98/LB)

Schultz Potato Salad -
$1 off/LB

Great for a game day party and best of all, it has bacon!

Sale $4.99/LB (Reg. $5.99/LB)

Boar’s Head
Mesquite Turkey -
Save $1.00/LB

Premium, high quality turkey breast carefully smoked with mesquite wood for a distinctive, delicate flavor.

Sale $9.59/LB (Reg. $10.59/LB)

Boar’s Head
Switzerland Swiss-
$1 off/LB

Bold, nutty and perfectly balanced, it’s crafted in Switzerland by the Kase Meisters. Intensely flavorful, it’s perfect with corned beef or pastrami!

Sale Price: $6.99/lb, Reg: $7.99/lb

7 Layer Dip - $1 off/LB

Taco meat, guacamole, salsa, cheddar, sour cream, beans, olives, onion, peppers and scallion – also makes a great burrito filling!

Sale $7.99/LB (Reg. $8.99/LB)

Tony's Cheese Boards

Cubed and ready for your party guests.

Sale $5.99-$20.99/EA (Reg. $7.99-$22.99/EA)

Widmer 10 Year Aged Cheddar - $2 off/LB

Rich with a nutty flavor.

Jalapeno Cheddar Mashed Potatoes

Sale $23.99/LB (Reg. $25.99/LB)

Tony's Mini Bites - $0.50/EA

A great grab-and-go dessert or snack. Plenty of flavors to choose from.

Sale $0.79/EA (Reg. $1.29/EA)

Quiche Lorraine - $2 OFF

Handmade from scratch and packed with flavor. Just heat and serve!

Sale: $3.89/EA (sm), $10.99/EA (lg)
Reg. $5.89/EA (sm), $12.99/EA (lg)

Big B's Ciders - $0.50 OFF

Local Colorado ciders in a variety of flavors.

Sale $5.49/EA (Reg. $5.99/EA)

Daffy Candy Apples - $0.50 OFF

A Fall favorite!

Sale $0.99/EA (Reg. $1.49/EA)

Red D'Anjou Pears -
$0.50 off/LB

Great with pork, chicken, salads and desserts.

Chicken & Pear Salad with Walnuts and Cranberries

Sale $1.99/LB (Reg. $2.49/LB)

Brussels Sprouts -
$0.50 off/LB

Great in the pan or oven!

Pancetta Brussels Sprouts

Sale $2.49/LB (Reg. $2.99/LB)

Ela Farm
Organic Apples -
$0.50 off/LB

Choose: Gala, Fuji, Jonagold, Granny Smith, Jonathan, Golden Delicious. Selection may vary at each location.

Sale $1.99/LB (Reg. $2.49/lb)

Near East
Couscous, Rice, & Pasta -
15% OFF

Easy and flavorful sides for your weekday dinner.

Sale $2.59/EA (Reg. $2.99/EA)

Near East
Quinoa, Long Grain Wild Rice - 15% OFF

Easy and flavorful sides for your weekday dinner.

Sale $3.39/EA (Reg. $3.99/EA)

Ghiradelli Chocolate Chips - $1 OFF

Premium American chocolate.

Sale $3.99 - $4.99/EA
(Reg. $4.99 - $5.99/EA)

Scharffenberger Baking Chocolates - $2 OFF

Importing, roasting and grinding their own cacao in house.

Turkey with Mole

Sale $8.59-$10.59/EA
(Reg. $10.59-$12.59/EA)

Bing Energy Drink -
$0.50 OFF

Choose: Original, Raspberry, or Black Cherry.

Sale $1.99/EA (Reg. $2.49/EA)

Only at Tony’s
Manoucher Breads - $1 OFF

Amazingly moist and chewy, these frozen heat & serve breads have been a guest favorite for 25 years! Choose: Garlic Loaf or Basil Loaf.

Sale Price: $5.59/ea, Reg: $6.59/ea

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