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START: Thursday, Dec 18 - END: Wednesday, Dec 24, 2014

Stuffed & Smothered
Italian Meatloaf -
Save $1.00/LB

Our classic Italian meatloaf is stuffed with mozzarella cheese, topped with sliced pancetta, sprinkled with Tony’s Tuscan Rub and then smothered with chopped tomatoes. Simply roast to 160 degrees internal; slice and serve.

Sale $5.98/LB (Reg. $6.98/LB)

Cooked Baby Back Ribs - Save $1.00/LB

Slow braised in our smoky marinade and finished in our own Tony’s Sweet & Sassy BBQ Sauce - falling-of-the-bone tender, juicy and loaded with natural flavor. Simply heat and serve.

Sale $7.98/LB (Reg. $8.98/LB)

Pork Italianos -
Save $1.00/LB

A guest favorite for 20 years! Natural pork tenderloin cutlets rolled with pepperoni, mozzarella, Parmesan and veggies – simply roast to 145° internal (about 20-30 mins) and serve over pasta with our Marinara or Vodka sauce.

Sale $8.98/LB (Reg. $9.98/LB)

Greek Flank Steak Pinwheel - Save $1.00/LB

With garlic, feta, herbs, olives, spinach and feta – oven ready.

Sale $11.98/LB (Reg. $12.98/LB)

20 lb Family Pack

Alaskan Red King Crab Clusters - Save $1.00/LB

A holiday treat filled with sweet, tender white meat.

King Crab Legs w/ Citrus Herb Butter

Sale $25.98/LB (Reg. $26.98/LB)

Maryland Crab Cakes - Save $1.00/LB

Handmade with blue crab, simply sauté and serve with our cocktail, tartar, remoulade or Dijon Cream sauce.

Sale $19.98/LB (Reg. $20.98/LB)

Whole Dungeness Crab - Save $2.00/LB

Cooked, cleaned and flown overnight to Tony’s - they’re ready to warm and serve. A sustainable American seafood choice you can savor with pride!

Sale $11.98/LB (Reg. $13.98/LB)

Baja Fish Tacos -
Save $1.00/LB

Seasoned boneless fish and veggies, ready to stir-fry and serve! Great with our homemade Guacamole and Pico de Gallo. Low fat, no gluten ingredients.

Sale $11.98/LB (Reg. $12.98/LB)

Tony's Cooked Meatloaf - Save $1.00/LB

Fresh from our deli and a quick easy meal. Pair it with a Tony's Twice Baked Potato.

Sale $5.99/LB (Reg. $6.99/LB)

Chicken Finger Plates - Save $1.00/LB

4 or 5 crispy chicken fingers (handmade with natural chicken breasts) paired with sweet BBQ sauce and a side dish of applesauce, or sautéed corn kernels, or macaroni and cheese. Side dish varies.

Sale $4.99/LB (Reg. $5.99/LB)

Boar's Head
Muenster Cheese -
Save $1.00/LB

Mild and creamy, this irresistible cheese melts beautifully and pairs with everything from eggs to roast beef. Gluten Free, Feingold approved.

Sale $5.99/LB (Reg. $6.99/LB)

Boar's Head
Golden Classic Chicken - Save $1.00/LB

Love the flavor of fried chicken, but not the fat? This is for you! 42% lower sodium, GF, Dairy Free, AHA and Feingold certified.

Sale $8.99/LB (Reg. $9.99/LB)

Tony's Cookies -
Save $1.00/LB

So many flavors to choose from. Make a great snack or put them in the kid's lunches.

Sale $5.99-$7.99/LB
(Reg. $6.99-$8.99/LB)

Cream Pies -
Save $1.00/EA

Choose: Key Lime, Coconut Cream, Banana Cream, French Silk and Lemon Meringue.

Sale $9.99- $20.49/EA
(Reg. $10.99-$21.49/EA)

Dazbog Coffee - Save $1

Deep, rich and complex coffees roasted locally.

Reg: $12.99 (12 oz bags), $11.99/lb (bulk), and $11.99/pk (K-Cups)

Navel Oranges -
Save $0.50/LB

It’s peak season for oranges! Stock up and save on fresh picked seedless oranges for cooking, salads and eating out of hand.

Orange Garlic Roast Pork Loin

Sale $1.49/LB (Reg. $1.99/LB)

Broccoli Crowns -
Save $0.50/LB

Precut and ready to cook or wash and serve in salads.

Beef and Broccoli

Sale $1.99/LB (Reg. $2.49/LB)

Vine Ripe Tomatoes -
Save $0.50/LB

The season’s finest! Perfect for cooking and salads.

Sale $2.49/LB (Reg. $2.99/LB)

Red Potatoes -
Save $0.30/LB

Perfect for your slow cooker pot roast.

Lemony Potato Salad

Sale $0.99/LB (Reg. $1.29/LB)

Broccolini -
Save $0.50/EA

The season’s finest! Perfect for cooking and salads.

Sale $2.99/EA (Reg. $3.49/EA)

Alessi Soups & Risottos -
Save 20%

Simple stovetop soups imported from Italy and great risotto made simple with these stovetop packages from Alessi of Italy.

Sale $2.89-3.19/EA
(Reg. $3.59-$3.99/EA)

Tate's Bake Shop Cookies - Save 15%

Crisp & buttery, they melt in your mouth! Choose Choc Chip, Dark Choc or Double Choc, Choc Chip Walnut, White Choc Macadamia Nut Oatmeal Raisin and 2 GF flavors.

Sale $5.60/EA
(Reg. $6.59/EA)

Donsuemor Cookies - BOGO

Choose: Nonnettes, Traditional Madelines, Chocolate Dipped Madelines, Traditional Biscotti, Chocolate Dipped Biscotti and French Almond Cakes.

Sale Price: BOGO
(Reg. $0.99-$3.99/EA)

Le Village Sparkling Drinks -
Save $1.00/EA

Wonderfully refreshing lemonades! Choose: Blood Orange, Original, Pink, Pomegranate or French Berry.

Large Size Only
Sale $3.99/EA (Reg. $4.99/EA)

Manoucher Bread - BOGO

A best seller for over 20 years! Par-baked, you finish in the oven for a superior moist loaf. Choose: Baguette, Basil, Garlic or Focaccia.

Sale: BOGO (Reg. $6.59/EA)

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