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TODAY'S SPECIALS: Wednesday, Oct 1, 2014

START: Thursday, Oct 2 - END: Wednesday, Oct 8, 2014


Artichoke Parmesan
Stuffed Chicken Breast - Save $1/LB

Our bone-in natural chicken breast stuffed with our California artichoke parmesan bread stuffing.

Sale $5.98/LB (Reg: $6.98/LB)

Sweet & Sour Chicken - Save $2/LB

Lean natural chicken with chunks of pineapple, bell peppers and red onions marinated in our sweet and sour sauce.

Sale $5.98/LB (Reg: $7.98/LB)

Tuscan Turkey Breast - Save $1/LB

A boneless butterflied turkey breast marinated in our house made Tuscan marinade..

Sale $5.98/LB (Reg: $6.98/LB)

Tony's Perfect Pot Roast - Save $1/LB

Fully seasoned and ready to cook, our Perfect Pot Roast makes a fabulous meal and leftovers with very little effort.

Perfect Pot Roast - Simplified

Sale $6.98/LB (Reg: $7.98/LB)

Winter in the City Bundle

Smoked Salmon Log -
Save $2/LB

Made fresh in house with our premium dry-smoked salmon bellies, cream cheese and seasonings, shaped into logs and rolled in toasted pecans.

Sale $7.98/LB (Reg: $9.98/LB)

Maryland Crab Cakes -
Save $3/LB

Made with Maryland Blue Crab. This is an authentic east coast recipe.

Sale $17.98/LB (Reg: $20.98/LB)

Rainbow Trout - Save $1/LB

A sustainable farm raised fish from the pristine waters of the Snake River of Idaho.

5 Trout Recipes

Sale $8.98/LB (Reg: $9.98/LB)

Lobster Trio Stuffed Steelhead Trout -
Save $1/LB

Fresh farm raised Loch Etive Steelhead Trout stuffed with chunks of lobster, scallops and shrimp.

Sale $14.98/LB (Reg: $15.98/LB)

Yogurt Parfaits - Save $1/LB

A fabulous tasting and wonderfully healthy breakfast, snack or dessert! Made fresh daily with premium yogurt, fresh berries and granola.

Sale $3.99/LB (Reg: $4.99/LB)

Smoked Pork Chops with Bacon, Apple & Onions - Save $1/LB

An Oktoberfest favorite! Just heat and serve.

Sale $7.99/LB (Reg: $8.99/LB)

Columbus Calabrese
Hot Salami - Save $1/LB

A zesty salami crafted in the Southern Italian style with plenty of paprika and peppers, then slow air-dried.

Antipasto Platter

Sale $12.99/LB (Reg: $13.99/LB)

Nueske Bacon -
Save $1/PK

Nationally acclaimed, Nueske’s makes one of the finest bacons in the country! Unforgettable taste and very little shrink, if you love bacon, you MUST taste Nueske’s!

Sale: $8.99-$10.99/EA
(Reg: $9.99-$11.99/EA)

Boar’s Head
Switzerland Swiss-
$1 off/LB

Bold, nutty and perfectly balanced, it’s crafted in Switzerland by the Kase Meisters. Intensely flavorful, it’s perfect with corned beef or pastrami!

Sale Price: $6.99/lb, Reg: $7.99/lb

Boar’s Head
Bavarian Ham -
Save $1/LB

Carefully crafted, seasoned with savory spices from around the world and slow roasted to perfection.

Sale $8.49/LB (Reg: $9.49/LB)

Caramel Apple Cake -
Save $2/EA

Like caramel apples without the chance of losing a filling. Enjoy this favorite fall dessert.

Sale $13.99-$17.99/EA
(Reg: $15.99-$19.99/EA)

Bacon Bark - Save $3/LB

Homemade with premium local Tender Belly bacon and decadent Callebaut Belgian chocolate irresistible, a must try!

Sale $11.99/LB (Reg: $14.99/LB)

Pot Roast Veggies - Save $1

A fresh medley of red potatoes, baby carrots, celery, onion, garlic and rosemary; perfect for stews and pot roasts.

Beef Stew - Simplified

Sale $2.99/LB (Reg: $3.99/LB)

Idaho Potatoes - $0.30/LB

Perfect for baking, roasting, stews, mashing and frying.

Kartoffeln und Würste (potatoes
and sausages)

Sale $0.69/LB (Reg: $0.99/LB)

Celery - $0.50/EA

Low in calories and two stalks provide 2 grams of fiber, 0 fat, vitamins A and C, and even the bonus of some calcium and iron.

Sale $1.49/EA (Reg: $1.99/EA)

Baby Carrots -
Save $0.50/Bag

Enjoy them with your favorite peanut butter for an afternoon snack.

Sale $1.49/Bag (Reg: $1.99/Bag

Yellow Onions -
Save $0.30/LB

nions are the number one vegetable consumed in the world. They make just about everthing better.

French Onion Soup Dumplings

Sale $0.69/LB (Reg: $0.99/LB)

Fresh Herbs - Save 20%

Choose from: Basil, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Oregano, Mint, Dill, Tarragon, Bay Leaves and Chives.

Sale $1.59-$3.19/EA
(Reg: $1.99-$3.99/EA)

Stonefire Naan Bread -
Save - $0.50/PK

We've just brought this naan in and it is so delicious. Makes a great addition to a weekday curry.

Sale $2.49/PK (Reg. $2.99/PK)

Carr's Crackers -
Save $0.50/EA

Unique English crackers that pair well with cheeses and tapanades.

Sale $4.49/EA (Reg. $4.99/EA)

Skinny Pop Popcorn -
Save $1.00/Bag

All the cunch and deliciousness of popcorn without all the fat.

Sale $2.99/Bag (Reg. $3.99/Bag)

Anna's Swedish Cookies - Save $0.50/EA

Irresistible thin and crisp, they make a great dessert with a wedge of brie or a cup of coffee or milk, and they’re absolutely irresistible with ice cream!

Sale $2.49/EA (Reg. $2.99/EA)



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