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START: Thursday, July 31 - END: Wednesday, Aug 6, 2014
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Mild Garlic Sausage -
$1 off/LB

A mild Midwest delicacy! Delicious mild fresh pork sausage with just a hint of garlic. Great morning noon and night; in the pan or on the grill.               

Sale Price: $4.98/lb
Reg: $5.98/lb

Portuguese Chicken -
$1 off/LB

Fresh chicken legs and thighs in a garlic-herb wet rub. Grill with indirect heat and hang on; this may the best  chicken dish ever!               

Sale Price: $2.98/lb, Reg: $3.98/lb

Tony’s Original
Pork Tenderloin Big Bites - $5 off/LB

Lean chunks of trimmed pork tenderloin wrapped in smoked  bacon, seasoned, skewered and ready to grill.               

Sale Price: $6.98/lb
Reg: $11.98/lb

Tony’s Original
Teriyaki Pinwheel Steaks -
$2 off/LB

Natural bavette steaks, tenderized, marinated and ready to grill. Brown over direct heat and finish with medium indirect heat.               

Sale Price: $10.98/lb, Reg: $12.98/lb

Southwestern Crab Cakes
$1 off/LB

Genuine Alaska King and Snow Crab star in these zesty  handmade cakes. Ready for the pan and one of our fresh seafood sauces.               

Sale Price: $16.98/lb
Reg: $17.98/lb

Crab Cakes Benedict Crab Croquettes & Creamed Corn

Wild USA
Swordfish Kabobs -
$3 off/LB

Cubes of fresh swordfish and veggies skewered and ready to grill in our house marinades or seasonings.               

Sale Price: $10.98, Reg: $13.98/lb

Wild USA
Ahi Tuna Poke - $4 off/LB

Chopped fresh tuna in a Hawaiian recipe reminiscent of sashimi. Serve over rice or greens or in a lettuce wrap with rice.

Sale Price: $20.98/lb
Reg: $24.98/lb

Fresh, Wild
Alaskan Trolled Coho Salmon - $1 off/LB

These mild salmon aren't in the rivers yet and fishermen are harvesting at sea with rods and reels for the most sustainable salmon possible! Different than Sockeye and King, get a taste!

Sale Price: $16.98/lb, Reg: $17.98/lb

Stuffed Baked Potatoes
$1 off/LB

Baked, fluffed and stuffed with all the goodies in-house. Choose: Loaded (bacon, cheddar, scallion and sour  cream), Broccoli Cheddar or Green Chile Cheddar.                

Sale Price: $2.59/lb, Reg: $3.59/lb

Chicken & Sweet Pepper Quesadillas - $1 off/LB

Chipotle-lime grilled chicken with sweet sautéed peppers, onion, salsa and cheddar layered in tortillas. Thick and satisfying as a main dish.

Sale Price: $5.99/lb, Reg: $6.99/lb

Locatelli Pecorino Romano $1 off/LB

One of the world’s oldest cheeses. Made from sheep’s milk and well- aged for a hard, dense, strong and sharp cheese for grating and chipping.

Sale Price: $13.99/lb
Reg: $14.99/lb

Broccoli & Pasta Gemma Garden Veggie Pasta

Carr Valley
Penta Creme - $1 off/LB

A revolutionary five crème blue master crafted to be the most decadent blue cheese in the world! From our dairy heros at Carr Valley Cheese.

Sale Price: $9.99/lb
Reg: $10.99/lb


Boar's Head
Bavarian Ham - $1 off/LB

A slow wood smoked ham in the great Old World tradition. Great for salads, sandwiches and breakfast. Gluten free.

Sale Price: $8.59/lb, Reg:$9.59/lb

Boar's Head
Yellow or White American Cheese - $1 off/LB

A classic on sandwiches and burgers; it’s creamy, melts beautifully and tastes better than the rest! Gluten free, Feingold approved for food sensitive diets.

Sale Price: $5.99/lb, Reg: $6.99/lb

Mini Bites -
Buy 2, Get 1 Free

Mini Éclairs, Cream Puffs, Key Lime Tarts or Fruit tarts. Can’t decide?  Bring home one of each with some DAZBOG coffee!

Sale Price: $0.85/ea, Reg: $1.29/ea

Raspberry White Chocolate Cake - $2 OFF

Layers of moist white cake, raspberry glacé and whipped cream, finished with whipped cream and white chocolate curls; Save $2 on both sizes.               

Sale Price: $13.99-$17.99/ea
Reg: $15.99-$19.99/ea  

Rocky Ford Cantaloupe -
$0.30 off/LB

Sweet cantaloupe from Rocky Ford is finally here; direct from the farm!

Sale Price: $0.69/lb, Reg: $0.99/lb

Jamaican Jerk Pork & Melon Kabobs Catfish w/ Spicy Cantaloupe

Sweet Corn - 3 for $1.00

Great local corn at a great price!  We look forward to Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn, as well as Musso’s Peaches & Cream Corn.

Sale Price: $0.33/ea
Reg: $0.75/ea

Grilled Catfish in Corn Husks Stovetop Corn Fritters

Local, Organic
Lacinato Tuscan Kale -
$1 OFF

This Italian variety is sweeter and more delicate than others and the best for cooking and salads.  AKA Cavolo  Nero, Italian or Dinosaur Kale.

Whole Wheat Spaghetti w/ Kale from Alice Waters

Sale Price: $1.49/ea
Reg: $2.49/ea

High Country Peaches -
$0.50 off/LB

Fresh picked peaches from the High Family. Grown next to the Colorado River in Palisade.

Sale Price: $2.49/lb
Reg: $2.99/lb

Thai Curried Chicken & Peaches Peach Foster

Sweet Bell Pepper Strips -
$3 off/LB

An assortment of colorful bell peppers washed, seeded, cut and ready to use!  Great for stir-fries, sautés, salads and healthy dipping.

Sale Price: $2.99/lb, Reg: $5.99/lb

Bell Pepper Stirfry NY Italian Style Franks with Peppers & Onion

Good Health
Olive Oil Potato Chips -
$1 off/Bag

A healthier chip that tastes great!  Flavorful and crisp  kettle-style chips in Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper or Rosemary.

Sale Price: $3.59/bag, Reg: $4.59/bag

Bing Energy Drinks -
$0.50 off/EA

Delicious Cherry, Blackberry or new Raz energy drinks with a boost from caffeine, taurine, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Guarana, and more. Only 40 calories!

Sale Price: $1.99/ea, Reg: $2.49/ea

Kind Bars - 3 for $4.00

An incredibly healthful choice on the go, and they're delicious!  Several flavors, low in sugar, Gluten Free, Non  GMO and Kosher.

Sale Price: $1.33/ea, Reg: $1.99/ea

Skinny Pop - 2/$6.00

Natural and no cholesterol, trans fats, nuts, gluten, preservatives or GMO’s – a healthy low-fat, high fiber snack! Choose: Regular, Pepper, Cheddar or Sweet.

All Skinny Pop except mini
Sale Price: 2/$6.00
Reg: $3.99/ea

De Cecco Pasta - $1 off/PK

Save this week on the best imported cuts for pasta salads: Penne, Cavatappi, Macaroni and Tri Color Fusilli.

Sale Price: $1.99-$2.99/pk
Reg: $2.99-$3.99/pk

Tuscan Chicken w/ Penne Artichoke & Gorgonzola Salad Pasta Salad Niçoise

Award Winning
Bone Suckin’ BBQ Sauce -
$2 OFF

Serious glazing and dipping sauces in a bold Carolina  style. Choose: Regular, Hot or Mustard BBQ Sauce. All natural; no gluten, GMO’S or HF Corn Syrup.

Sale Price: $5.59/ea, Reg: $7.59/ea

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