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START: Thursday, Aug 21- END: Wednesday, Aug 27, 2014
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Tony’s Original
Monterey Chicken Pinwheel 
$1 off/LB

Breast fillets stuffed with green chiles, olives and cheese, topped with green chile strip, wrapped in peppered bacon and ready to roast bed of vegetable chili –great with our Mexican Rice!

Sale Price: $5.98/lb, Reg: $6.98/lb

Tony’s Original
Pueblo Chili Patties -
$2 off/LB

Natural pork, green chiles, garlic, masa, onion, panko and seasonings; they’re great on a bun or scrambled in burritos, casseroles and eggs.

Pueblo Chili ‘Sloppers’

Sale Price: $4.98/lb, Reg: $6.98/lb

Tony’s Original
Jerked Pork Rib Eye Kabobs - $1 off/LB

Pork Rib Eye steak rubbed in imported Jamaican Jerk, skewered with sweet Rocky Ford Cantaloupe and onions and ready to grill – sweet and spicy heaven!

Sale Price: $5.98/lb, Reg: $6.98/lb

Natural Local
Flanken Style Cut Short Ribs - $1 off/LB

Genuine crosscut Flanken ribs, this old world cut is incredible marinated 2-24 hours and grilled slowly to taste.   

Sale Price: $7.98/lb, Reg: $8.98/lb

Flanken & Short Rib Tips & Recipes Korean Ribs

Mediterranean Salmon Patties - $1 off/LB

Sustainably farmed Scottish salmon chopped and blended with spinach, roasted peppers, feta and seasonings. Great on a bun, rice or greens.

Caesar Salmon Burger   

Sale Price: $13.98/lb, Reg: $14.98/lb

Large Peeled & Deveined
Wild Argentine Fire Shrimp $1 off/LB

Noted for their delicate texture and lobster-like flavor, they cook incredibly fast, sauté about 2 minutes in butter for a serious treat!

Sale Price: $11.98/lb, Reg: $12.98/lb

Crab Stuffed Sole -
$4 off/LB

Mild, boneless and skinless fillets of sole rolled around a homemade King and Snow Crab dressing and finished in lemon dill sauce.

Sale Price: $11.98/lb, Reg: $15.98/lb

Cocktail Sauce - $1 off/LB

Our original recipe sauce is a little zesty and a little sweet, perfectly balanced for shrimp and shellfish.

Sale Price: $4.98/lb, Reg: $5.98/lb

Local Organic
Hope Hummus -
2 for $9.00

Incredibly creamy hummus from Louisville Colorado! Choose original or fun flavors like Avocado, Sweet Potato, Green Chile Lime, Jalapeno and Thai Coconut. Organic, GF, Vegan, Kosher.

Sale Price: $4.50/ea, Reg: $5.99/ea

Healthy Options
Grilled Asparagus & Quinoa Salad - $1 off/LB

Grilled asparagus, steamed quinoa and feta in a Mediterranean dressing, a balanced snack or light meal with NO gluten ingredients.

Sale Price: $7.99/lb, Reg: $8.99/lb

Curried Chicken Salad -
$1 off/LB

Natural skinless chicken breasts with grapes, cashews and celery in a mild lemony curry sauce – incredible on a roll or over greens.

Sale Price: $7.99/lb, Reg: $8.99/lb

Fol Epi Cheese - $2 off/LB

Mild, creamy, nutty and intriguingly delicious; Fol Epi melts beautifully and pairs with everything from eggs to beef, salads and wine.

Pastrami Burger

Sale Price: $16.99/lb, Reg: $18.99/lb

Boar's Head
Golden Classic Chicken Breast - $1 off/LB

Love the flavor of fried chicken, but not the fat? This is for you! 42% lower sodium, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, AHA and Feingold certified.

Sale Price: $7.99/lb, Reg: $8.99/lb

Boar's Head
Yellow and White American Cheese- $1 off/LB

A classic on sandwiches and burgers; it’s creamy, melts beautifully and the best tasting on the market! Gluten free, Feingold approved for food sensitive diets.

Sale Price: $5.99/lb, Reg: $6.99/lb

Cello Cheeses - $2 off/LB

Prepare to be impressed by the Reserve Asiago, Parmesan and Romano from this 4th generation artisan Wisconsin creamery.

Sale Price: $7.99/lb, Reg: $9.99/lb

Garden Veggie Pasta Capellini Marinara and Ricotta

Key Lime Pie - $2 OFF

We make the classic Key Lime Pie recipe in house and from scratch –
an incredibly limey, creamy and cool summer dessert!

Sale Price: $10.99/ea
Reg: $12.99/ea

Volcano Cakes - $1 OFF

Fresh chocolate bundt cakes filled with premium homemade chocolate ganache – simply warm to release the hot molten chocolate magma!

Sale Price: $2.59/ea, Reg: $3.59/ea

Musso's Local
Peaches & Cream Corn
2-Pack - $1 OFF

Fresh picked corn from Pueblo, shucked, topped and ready to cook.

Sale Price: $0.99/ea, Reg: $1.99/ea

Mexican Grilled Corn Last Supper Corn

Rocky Ford
Watermelon Quarters - $0.69/LB

Fresh picked local melons, washed, quartered and wrapped for easy serving.

Sale Price: $0.69/lb, Reg: $0.99/lb

Watermelon Prosecco Sorbetto Grilled Watermelon w/ Yogurt

Fresh Mixed Fruit Cups -
$2 off/LB

Fresh seasonal fruit, washed, cubed, tossed and packaged for easy serving. Save on both large and small fruit cups.

Sale Price: $2.99/lb, Reg: $4.99/lb

Pico De Gallo - $3 off/LB

Handmade with fresh tomatoes, onions, chiles, garlic, lime and seasonings, great for dipping and smothering.

Sale Price: $2.99/lb
Reg: $5.99/lb

Talenti Pops - $1.50 OFF

Creamy gelato on a stick and dipped in chocolate – brilliant! Choose Sea Salt Caramel, Mediterranean Mint, Coffee & Chocolate Chip or Black Raspberry – bye bye Dove Bars!

Sale Price: $5.49/ea, Reg: $6.99/ea

Bing Energy Drinks -
$0.50 off/EA

Delicious Cherry, Blackberry or new Raz energy drinks with a boost from caffeine, taurine, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Guarana, and more. Only 40 calories!

Sale Price: $1.99/ea, Reg: $2.49/ea

Newman's Salad Dressings - $0.50 OFF

Great tasting, no-nonsense kick-in-the-derriere dressing – and 100% of profits go to charity. Selection includes Caesar, Balsamic, Caesar, Raspberry and more.

Sale Price: $5.49/ea, Reg: $5.99/ea

Kind Clusters - $0.50 OFF

A healthful granola with great taste! Choose Cinnamon Oat, Vanilla Blueberry, Peanut Butter Whole Grain, Oats & Honey or Maple Quinoa.

Clusters Only
Sale Price: $5.49/ea, Reg: $5.99/ea

Experience Local
Tony's BBQ Sauces - $1 OFF

Small batch crafted sauces of superior quality, choose Sweet & Sassy, Bold & Smoky or Sweet Heat and save!

All Varieties Sale Price: $4.99/ea
Reg: $5.99/ea

Perfect BBQ Pork Ribs Shredded BBQ Chicken Biscuit Sliders

Skinny Pop - $1 OFF

Natural and no cholesterol, trans fats, nuts, gluten, preservatives or GMO’s – a healthy low-fat, high fiber snack! Choose: Regular, Pepper, Cheddar or Sweet.

All Skinny Pop except mini
Sale Price: $2.99/ea
Reg: $3.99/ea

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