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START: Thursday, April 17 - Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Cupcake of the Week
Bunny or Chick Fun Cakes

Fresh homemade cupcakes hand decorated with cute Bunnies, Chicks and Egg Nests – perfect for the holiday!


Tony’s Own Rubs

Chunky herbs, spices and sea salt, they’re my go to seasoning for grilling and roasting. I suggest the Euro-Crust, Tuscan Grill or Z Blend Rubs for encrusting beef, lamb, game, pork and even poultry and fish. Just sprinkle them on or blend with garlic and olive oil to make a wet rub!

Tony’s Private Label Chocolates

Locally crafted just for us with Guittard chocolates and premium ingredients, they’re so much better than national brands! Light and dark offerings including Cherry, Almond Nougat, Haystacks, Sea Salt Caramels, White Coconut and more!

Swedish Lingonberries

I can’t get enough of these wild Swedish berries! They’re a must have over brie or camembert, in fruity red wine reduction sauces and right on my roast beef, ham, bison or roast birds.

Lars’ Crispy Onions

These crispy golden brown onion strips add flavor and crunch to salads, soups, burgers, mac & cheese and my green bean casserole (if I don’t munch them all with a cold beer first).


Chef Mick Rosacci, Corporate Chef

Chef Mick (Michaelangelo) Rosacci is Tony’s oldest son and our Corporate Chef. He’s been with Tony’s since 1978 and has worked in every department over the years.

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