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100 Holiday Side Dishes
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What's at Tony's for the Holiday?

Homemade Turkey Gravy: Simply heat and serve, or use to extend your homemade gravy – Grab-n-Go Deli.
Tony's Own Turkey Brine: Available in traditional and new Mulling spice flavor, also great on chicken and pork!
Tony's Own Roasted Poultry or Pork Seasoning: The perfect seasoning blend for your turkey, also great on pork, chicken, goose, duck and veggies.
Heat & Serve Gourmet Appetizers: Try our best-selling Asian Dumplings and our full selection of premium heat-n-serve appetizers - in the freezer case.
Cheese & Charcuterie: We offer a great selection of cheeses, salami, pate and even brie wrapped in puff pastry.
Homemade Dips & Spreads: Tasty homemade appetizers to serve with crackers, breads and veggies.
Shrimp, Crab and Caviar: Make your gathering extra special with shellfish, and we proudly offer the best in town!
Fresh Holiday Pies: Choose from pumpkin, pecan, apple, cherry, peach, berry, cream pies and more!
Fresh Precut Veggies: Let Tony's do all your veggie chopping! Ready to use minced veggies (aka mirepoix), Roasting Pan Aromatics, dipping sticks and more!